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# Guest 2013-01-09 14:27
This restaurant alone is worth to be THE destination in Southern NZ - it puts Murchison on the map. Incredibly kind and attentive staff in a very relaxed atmosphere. Great design - or redesign of a gas station I believe. This restaurant would make it in any metropolis around the globe. The food is simple, but divine and it was one of the very few places in Southern NZ, if not the only one, where we actually saw a chef becoming creative with the common local ingredients, - salmon steak, ribeye steak, venison stew and rack of lamb - all good food, but somehow every restaurant in NZ seems to have the exact same menu. Well, Rivers Cafe does not although the ingredients are all here. A super place - seems to be known, though. Everyone seems to meet there and just spend their day there, if there is nothing else to do. It's so comfortable and home-y - you don't want to leave
# Guest 2013-01-09 14:53
The coffee was very well prepared and to top it off they had a good Internet cafe that allowed us to catch with a few emails and make a quick post
# Guest 2013-01-09 14:54
Did not have expectations of this garage turned restaurant, but visited after a recommendation. Was stunned by the quality of food!


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